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A toy, a box, a gift! This project, developed during the SUPSI Summer School back in 2013, represents my first attempt at digital fabrication. It is a box that can be opened, filled with candies and gifted to a friend.

Learning Objectives

Understanding how Rhinoceros works and face a project of digital fabrication. The project has been publishe MAKE Magazine blog. Being the first project I’ve ever done in the field of digital fabrication, I wanted to create a simple but playful one that can be adapted to different occasions and even user mood.
The base is a box. To add the playful feeling, I’ve added four wheels and a helicopter blade. This makes it almost like a toy, like the ones we had as kids. This time though, being a hand-made object, it fits into a global culture that tends to rediscover traditional values such as organic food and sustainable lifestyle. With these ideas in mind, my object is not just a toy but an object with a practical use, since the top-front panel can be opened. This is a real box that can be used to stock any items.

  1. If the box is open: anyone can store any common objects.
  2. If the box is closed: the toy becomes a secret treasury box.

Not only: the original idea includes the possibility to put a custom plate/mask, therefore customizing the obj the specific aim. If I put a skull-shaped mask and fill the box with candies, the object easily becomes a halloween gift. The object can be used for a marriage proposal by inserting the rings. Therefore, with the help of a anyone can build new custom front masks.

To develop my project, I’ve faced two main issues:

  1. my still growing skills with Rhino so ware posed many problems in achieving tasks done quickly,
  2. my lack of engineering experience has been the main drawback. The gears mechanism and the top pan suffered from these limitations.
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